Hi-Lo Skirts

Top: Old Navy, Shoes: MIA, Skirt: Forever 21

Yesterday afternoon we went to a soiree, of sorts, at a friend’s house. It was such lovely weather, as opposed to the light shower going on outside right now. I even made a cute friend before I left. 
I have been looking everywhere for a hi-lo skirt. There are a few online but most are out of my budget range. I  originally saw this skirt online and, though it was in-fact asymmetrical the way I wanted, I wasn’t impressed by the image they were using for the product; it looked slightly drab and like it might just be a cotton bathing suit cover up for younger girls. However, I luckily came across it in the store and thought I would try it on for fun, since it was actually very well made and of a great fabric. My fun experiment quickly became love as I zipped it up. 
I can’t believe this style hasn’t been done more, it is actually really amazing how it billows in the breeze. Not to mention since the front is short it doesn’t get caught awkwardly between your legs. I need more skirts with this cut. (Just fueling my shopping addiction as usual :) )

Naz Isik September 25th, 2011 2 Comments Uncategorized
  1. Fashion By He

    yea girl…looking good


    September 25th, 2011 // Reply
  2. Virginia P

    Love this skirt! Can’t wait to try on one of these styles for next spring/summer

    September 29th, 2011 // Reply

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