Post Birthday

 It has been a busy week, as most seem to be lately. This weekend in particular was an exhausting one because it was my birthday on Sunday, and it was filled with great friends and family. I’m finally getting a few minutes to share some outfits with you.
 I recently wore this ensemble to work. It was a fun combination with the browns, golds and cheetah print, that was also work appropriate for me. My favorite part of this outfit is the similarity between the cuff and the ring; and the difference in style between the hardness of those items and the femininity of the necklace.
 As a side note, it shouldn’t be a secret to any female that wedges are much more comfortable than heels. If I am going somewhere I will be standing up extensively, I always opt for wedges if I want an elevated look. However, these ShoeMint wedges get quite painful on the balls of my feet; This is particularly odd because the difference between the height of your toes to heels isn’t very much. I’m planning on getting some Dr. Scholl’s Inserts.  I will let you know how they fare.

Shoe Mint Wedges
H&M Dress
Forever 21 Necklace, Belt and Cuff
  1. Christine

    I have this dress in pink but I love what you paired with it!

    June 5th, 2012 // Reply
  2. Thomas

    Happy Belated Birthday! Those wedges look that they should be “fast” with that tiger spots pattern. I am fashion ignorant so here goes, at the bottom of the post today in the “you might also like” is the Oct. 9 2011 Peplum Skirts post. How about today’s wedges with that outfit?

    June 7th, 2012 // Reply

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