Hi! I am Naz Isik,  I created Oh The Savoir Faire as my corner of the internet where I can express my love and my take on fashion; I am a normal girl trying to make my way in the world. I am not rich but do what I can to save up for the pieces I love (Read: Louboutins and a quilted Chanel flap bag.) Through this blog I show that it is possible to follow trends on a small (but hopefully growing) budget.

Oh The Savoir Faire is also a memento to keep all of my fashion concepts organized, and as a fashion diary of sorts. I write about garments, outfits and give fashion tips, and hopefully I inspire some others. Be sure to read and become a part of it.

I love your interest and love to read all feedback on the posts.

Thank you for your support!


Who are the Savoir Faire?
Literally in french “know how to do”, they are those who know what to do, how to act, and in this case how to dress in any situation.

by Naz Isik

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